Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life Changes & Pay It Forward

Hey You, I can't even begin to tell you how Very Happy I am to be back here. I have seriously Missed blogging but my life got busy crazy & I didn't have time for this anymore. Having said that our lives have changed Again and things have eased up some Soooo .... I'm Back! 💘💚💚💚

One of the many changes in our lives is that a little over a year ago I decided to become a Plunder Design stylist, I can't even begin to tell you how much I Love This! The sisterhood is Amazing & the Bling ... need I say more! Totally Affordable Adorable & who doesn't LOVE to play in Bling! 💕

If you haven't checked out Plunder yet you really should. (link posted below to take you to my website so you can drool over all the pretties 😉).

One of the things I like best about this company is our amazing CEO & her Big Heart, she's
pretty special. As we close out our year & retire products to make room for our New Catalog she is offering an awesome deal ... Pay It Forward Grab Bag Bundle! 😉

So what is a pay it forward bundle? Well ... for just $25 you will receive 6 items +1 more (yup, that's SEVEN items! Crazy huh? AND one of your items could be a special item Usually just for stylist like ... a blanket, cap Or Even a Yeti!)

Six of the items are for You to enjoy, what a Deal!!!

 Wha??  Oh, what about the 7th  item???

Oooooh That's the Exciting part, it's the Pay It Forward Part! 💗

It is for YOU to use/gift to someone, to help lift them up, to brighten their day. How completely awesome is that?

What would you do with your item? How would you use it to pay it forward? Please comment below & let me know.

IF you are interested in grabbing one of our Pay It Forward bundles our sale goes live today at 10am MST.

Here's the link to my website ...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time 2 Soar

When I went to the St. Jude crop last October I saw a chipboard wing album by Maya Road that absolutely made my breath catch & I knew that if I didn't buy anything else that night that I HAD to have That album! :o)
It was too perfect, too Devan. He's all about the edgy, tattoo, goth, emo look. And I knew that it would go perfectly with all the Marah Johnson papers & embellies that I've been collecting & hoarding.
I decided to make this album a celebration of Devan turning 18 ... graduating ... becoming a man ... time to spread his wings, to find who he really is & where he wants to be in life...

... this is the front of the album

one of Marah's transparencies, doctored a little by me. I painted over the Hardcore to darken it up a little so that it would be more visible when the album is closed. Then I
stamped the bird frame with paint & added a few of Marah's rub ons.

I just couldn't help myself, had to outline the wing with some stickels! :o)

The title page ... Time 2 Soar (Dream Big) ... my wish is that when you spread your wings you soar high & always dreams big ...

all of the photos were taken in the spring & early summer of 2008 right after I got my new camera ... I hope that you will "Sieze the Day" & always remember that you hold the key
to my heart ...

This was the first photo that I took of Devan with my new camera that when I uploaded it & saw it ... it took my breath away ... I hope that you always lives with Courage ...

the first photo of him after he got his hair cut! He was so proud of this hair cut & it looked so good on him (but I have to admit that his hair is sooo pretty when it's long that both Jim & I missed it & were glad when he let it grow back out). I made the flower with scraps of Marah's paper & my quikutz silhouette. I just Love the dragonfly sitting in the center! :o)

... i do Not remember the last time I did sooo much stamping & embossing. Seems that once I get going I just can't stop!!! lol. I totally embossed this entire page. :o)

... a photo taken on the caboose at the fairgrounds on the day that I was taking Sierra's Sr. photos. Just love this one. :o) The button in the flower says Dare to Dream ... I most certainly hope you do.

.. this is a Quickutz exclusive die & when I saw it I KNEW that I Had to Have IT! If you had seen the look on his face when he saw it in this album you would know that it was worth Every penny. :o)

... another photo from the day I photographed Sierra & lots more stamping & embossing.

... this photo also makes me hold my breath a little when I see it ... Time to spread your wings my little one (the time on the clock is the time he was born).

... more stamping & embossing ... I hope you are always able to Express Yourself

... we had sooo much fun shooting at this little falling down rubble of a cabin, sad to say they've come in & "fixed it all up" ... totally ruined a prefectly good thing ... I hope you
always Believe in yourself because I DO!

... I wasn't really sure why I left this last page blank, but looking at it now I think it must have been so I would have a place to put some of my thoughts for him...

... The End! Thank you for stopping by & taking a peek &
sharing this special time in our lives with us.

* on a side note, dad called late this afternoon & said that
mom is back in the hospital. Seems to be her kidneys &
heart again. Hoping that Jim will be able to take off work
for a little while tomorrow so that I can ride over & see her.
Positive Thoughts & Prayers please ...

Monday, June 8, 2009

hmmm ... so That's where she was going ...

we were out working in the garage a few weeks ago & there was this swallow that would fly into the garage. If Jim would close the garage she would circle madly, screaching the whole time. I was afraid that she had a nest of babies but when we would open the door she never went to a nest, she would fly up towards the light & dart back out. I tried to get Jim to leave the door open for her but he wouldn't.
Yesterday he went out to ride his bike, after just a few minutes he came back in & said "I know where she built her nest now". When I looked up this is what I saw ...

Trust me, he was NOT a happy camper. :o(
However he did NOT let it keep him from going for a ride, lol.
He did mention that nest are known to have lice in them & that if he gets that we'll know where it came from, geesh.

As you can see she didn't get very far before she had to stop. I guess it was a good thing that he didn't leave the door open for her, she definately would have finished. You know she wasn't a dumb bird at all ... just look & think about it ... there the helmet was, hanging so nicely upside down on the wall ... looking so welcoming & like just the perfect/secure place to build a nest & keep you babies ... I wonder where she's gone now???

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Neighbors :o)

About a week or so ago Jim came in & said "come here" & led me outside to a tree beside the garage. When I got there I was pretty excited & said "why didn't you tell me to grab my camera" & immediatley ran back in to get it. Seems we have some "new neighbors" ...

aren't they Cool!!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I truely was! I've secretly had a desire for quite a while to learn to be a "Bee Keeper". After all there's 6 acreas here for them to live on. :o)
Wonder where you go to take a class or learn how to do that??? Anyway believe it or not ... THAT was All BEES!!!
It doesn't look like that now, there are only a few left. Jim thinks the others are out "working" while a few have stayed behind to "build". One can only Hope!
I think my "new neighbors" are the Coolest & hope they stay around for Quite a While! :o)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 wheelin' fun! :o)

Wow! I can't believe how long I've had these pics uploaded here, just waiting for me to add the text to go with it. I tell you when I'm working I just don't seem to have much time for blogging, although summer break is just around the corner. Sooo hopefully I will get better about it.

My BFF Tammy & I went to a crop about a month ago. It's always nice when we get the chance to go & reconnect with some old friends! :o)
At the previous crop there I found some 4 wheelin' paper that I just HAD to have! Well my new rule is ... if I buy it then I must USE it NEXT! No more hoarding for this girl ... so I dug out the pics & took them with me & I actually used my papers!!! Yeah! (I'm sooo bad at buying things & then holding on to them forEVER!)

Needless to say the pics are quite old now (2003), but it's still a memory that I wanted to record. When Devan & Zach discovered riding the 4 wheeler, well you just couldn't keep them off of it. :o) They would get on & basically ride till they were out of gas, lol. On this particular day Zach was driving & got a little too close to the fence row & as a result Devan got the worst end of it, ouch! Originally I didn't plan on using the pic of "the injury" but Devan asked where it was (he remembered that I photographed it, lol) so I decided to add it as "Proof" for the title. ;-)
The title is a play off of one of my Favorite "Flair" buttons on FB! The flair is one that I've sent to a few friends & it says " a best friend rides in your car no matter how many times your nearly killed them". I sent it to Denese cause I nearly killed her when we were 16 & I sent it to Tammy ... well cause any time you get in the car with her ... well ... lol ... in all seriousness there are people who Scare the Crap out of me a Whole Lot more than she does!
So anyway the title is a play off that piece of flair & it says "a best friend rides with you even when you've injured them", lol.

I also started my 1st chipboard mini album at that crop but unfortunately I haven't had the time to finish it & with the way things are going I doubt I'll have any time for such a thing until summer break comes. :o(
Tomorrow night will be opening night for Devan's last play, he came home tonight and all he could say was "this was our last rehearsal ..." , I had thought about sneaking up there to photograph it but now I'm glad that I didn't ... I don't think I could have handled it. He said that everyone was upset & crying ... hell I can't even say that this will be our last time being backstage parents without losing it ( & I have tried) so I know that I would have fallen to pieces tonight. Anyway, hopefully I'll have new pics & the time to post this weekend ... but with my track record lately ... I wouldn't hold my breath! ;-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

new goodie :o)

just a quick share today. (having to sit at the desk to use my laptop right now, long story but I hate it sooo I won't be on here long, lol) Back in January I found a little something that after walking away I thought about it several times. Enough that at the beginning of this month I finally broke down & went & got it for myself! :o) A few years ago my bff's youngest daughter came back from a vacation with a really cool new wallet, it was made different from any other that I had Ever seen. Tammy & I both immediately fell in Love with the design & began to covet it, lol. But you know me ... not only do I have to LOVE it, it has to be the Right price too!
While on the quest for a new lipstick case in January I ran across one in the Ed Hardy style! I'm the kind of girl who believes that there is a time & PLACE for Everything. And in MY book the Place for a tattoo is on my Accessories! LOL!
Devan & I actually got matching Ed Hardy sunglasses on Christmas Eve (it was really a strange Christmas) & now I have a Really Cool New Ed Hardy wallet!!! sooo Happy!!! :o)

So here is my new Treasure! ;-) sooo Cool & just $19!

this is what the inside is like, I wasn't really sure how well I would like the functionality of it but so far I LOVE it! :o)

Sad to say today is their last day :o(. They're having sooo Much Fun that even though I miss him very much, I hate to see it end for them. I only talked to him for a few minutes last night (I was at Photo Club when he called). His Big Excitement for yesterday was that he bought a leather jacket! Thankfully Chris was with him at the time & "jewed" them down on the price or else he probably would have been poundless at that point & time ... I guess for the Most part he has done much better tha we thought he would with the money ... not sure if I really want to know how many times she put the breaks on for him. Anyway, they're coming home tonight! We'll pick them up at the airport around 6 pm Tomorrow!!! I can only Imagine what awaits me ... my son ... pierced ears ... new Ed Hardy hat (yes that was one of his major purchases while there) ... leather jacket ... hehe... I thinking he will probably look like a real London "Punk"! :o)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

last month my baby ...

turned 18!!! :o(
How is this possible when ALL the details of his delivery are still sooo Fresh in my mind??? Seriously it really seems like it was yesterday. I stop & think about all the "plans" that I've mentally made of things to do with him over the years & the truth is now it's like the "timer" has gone off & time is up ...

we recently discovered that Dairy Queen now makes Blizzard Cakes!!! :o)
They are available in ANY blizzard flavor you like, of Course he chose cookie-dough!

The Number Sparkler candle thingies seemed like a really Cool idea when I saw them. I got a 1, a 8 & a star because he was turning 18 & of course he's our star. :o) Uh yeah, lol ... like you can tell all that when you look at the pic! Smoke ??? Yeh, can you imagine Just How smokey the kitchen was??? Thank Goodness that we were in the kitchen, I turned on the vent to the jen-air and it was gone in just a few minutes. :o) (but it is a pretty cool looking shot if you ask me)

Yeh, of Course he did this! LOL. You really have NO idea how many shots I have of him when he was little with his mouth open like this (and usually the tongue was OUT too, lol) But I think that he really just HAD to do it this time with the sparklers. I'm sure it goes back to his wresteling days ... he was probably imagining that he was Goldberg or something, lol. :o)

He chose to keep it small. A few close friends at home. Pizza, salad & cake.
From left to right his cousin Alex, Alysa, & Sierra. His best friend Zach did come but he was late so he didn't make it in time for the cake picture.

Of course since we had just gotten the PS3 back from being repaired they had to do a little RockBand before the evening was over. ;-)

Since Zach was late getting here he stayed a little later than the rest of them. Devan wanted to "Pop" the balloons but I suggested that instead of "popping" them that they inhale them! (yeh, yeh I KNOW, but you've done it too ... go ahead & admit it, just too funny to pass up) They had a Blast & of course they Sounded Hilarious! :o)

Of course before it was ALL over they had to do their signature "Special" pose, LOL! I swear they LOVE doing this, for a while they Both were using this shot as their profile pic on FB, hehe.

Last night when we talked to him he was excited about having seen Stonehenge! He told us that he fell asleep on the bus trip back home & apparently slept on his ear & irritated it & it had started bleeding, keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't end up with an infection. Our group has hit it off with a group from Memphis so Chris was having the group from Memphis over to her room last night & they were going to "hang out" & visit. :o) They are having Such a Wonderful time & growing leaps & bounds personally, I know when he comes back (to a certain degree at least) that he will not only look different (the ears ;-) ) but will also BE a different person (in a Good way). Right now they truely are creating Memories of a Lifetime & I am sooo Grateful that he's there. :o)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

holes in his head???

LOL! Yep, that would be our son.
He called this morning to get permission to get his ears pierced. My first answer was "I'll talk it over with your dad & then send you a text". He was sooo appreciative & excited you would have thought that I had said "tomorrow is Christmas morning". His actual reply was "thank you for your openess". Okay ... say it with me ... Awwww. :o) It really is quite sweet when you consider that he turned 18 last month so technically he's legal & doesn't have to ask. But do NOT fear that we have washed our hands & there are no Guide Lines, cause there are! ;-)
Anyway, we discussed it & the answer we gave him was ... ears only, single piercings & NO plugs! It's no surprise, he's wanted this for a loooooong time. We were not against him having this done, I've just had it set up as a reward type thing and as close as he's gotten in the past he's never quite made it the whole way. When we weighed things it really would have been hard to say no ... consider the following .... Spring Break, Sr Year, with the Greatest/Coolest Teacher EVER in a Foreign County!!! Too sweet of a memory to pass up, he did promise that there would be LOTS of pictures of it being done for me! ;-)
The last time I talked to him today it was a done deal, my kid now has two holes in his head, lol. Today was a down day so they weren't on tours, spent the day shopping, piercing, you know mingeling with the locals. Tonight's destination was the Jack the Ripper tour! That sounds like Fun! Can't wait to see the pics. :o)
Now I thought that I would share with you the pictures & comments that the tour director has posted on the tour website.

This is from yesterday (Monday) This is what the tour director said
"We loved parliament square on the London sightseeing tour."

Also from yesterday: "Here we are enjoying our visit to Windsor the weather was fantastic! "

The last of the pics that the tour director posted for yesterday: "Enjoying London tour we are in front of the famous tower bridge!"

This one is actually from Sunday, their first day there! "WE arrived safely in London here we are in Covent Garden. The weather was nice and sunny."
Well folks that's it for today, just wanted to update you on my kiddo's world travel adventure. :o)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Hookers & a Transvestite ...

that's what Devan was excited to have seen & photographed on his 1st day in London when we talked to him last night! :o)
As a friend of mine pointed out we Could have sent him to New Orleans a whole LOT cheaper & achieved the same results, lol. Oh well, I do know that he's having a Blast!
I thought I would fill you in on what we Know they've done so far & share some pics I have of them leaving.
Yesterday after arriving & having 2 hrs down time (Devan didn't sleep on the flight so he was up for Over 30 hrs!) they headed out on a walking tour. That's when he saw the two hookers & the transvestite, they also did a little shopping. After the tour they went out for dinner, he had Fish & Chips & a beer! :o) When we asked what kind of beer he had he said "a Corona", LOL! Only my kid would travel to England & order a mexican beer! When I asked why he didn't try an ale he said "we're only aloud to have beer or wine" too cute! I did tell him that ale falls into the beer category so maybe next time he'll get a little bit more "local" with what he's trying. ;-) I think they were all pretty exhausted after dinner so they returned to the hotel. He didn't do too bad on his roomates (you're not guaranteed to be with the people in your group) he got Jeffrey & a guy from Memphis (of all places!) in his room.
He called shortly after 6 this morning, they were already at Windsor Castle! He actually got "locked out" of the castle tour, lol. (leave it to my kid) He had gone back outside to "get a good shot of the changing of the guard" & when he tried to go back in the castle that's when he found out that once you leave you can NOT re-enter. :o( Poor guy, he was probably trying to get the shot for me. Good news is that I think he had already seen everything inside (at least I hope he had).
Tonight after dinner they're going to see "Wicked"! :o) I was really hoping that he would call & tell us about it when they were done but I'm thinking that we probably aren't going to hear from him tonight since as I type this it's almost 12:30 pm there.
Now a few of my favorite pics of them while they were leaving ...

the "Fab Four" & their "Drama Mama"
L-R Jeffrey, Erin, Chris (drama mama), Devan & Lindsay in the front right corner

two thumbs up on the trip to the airport! lol

okay, so yeh we had been on the road for about 50 minutes! lol
you KNOW he slept on the plane!

I had to have a bathroom break just as we got to Memphis
(we always end up taking pics at a McDonalds, lol)

yes we are paying attention & following the rules to "check in" at the airport

check in is sooo Cool! You swipe your passport & it tells you where you belong & prints your ticket for you. :o)

Chris is laughing & pointing out that in just a few more steps I'll have to stop shooting their picture cause they will be going through the medal detectors, lol.

everyone having to "strip off" their stuff for the medal detectors

This was our last shot, they had gotten to a point that I had a hard time seeing them so I handed the camera to Jim & had him shooting while I stood there waving like an idiot with tears running down my face. After a few minutes a security guard came over & said something to Jim about the number of pics he was taking & stating that he was probably getting shots of the security equipment. Jim appoligized & I turned & looked up to appoligize too, that's when he looked down & saw my face ... poor man ... all he could say was "ohhhh, it'll be okay". Poor guy I kinda felt bad for making him feel bad, lol. :o)
I don't really know why I was crying, I wasn't sad at all just the opposite very excited for them. I guess there may still be a little military brat in me, enough that says goodbyes are always a sad/crying time...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally!!! :o)

I have to tell you, I'm a Very Happy Girl Today!
I Finally finished one of the quilts for Devan's bed! :o)
My goal was to have one finished by Christmas & I almost made that goal, but then mom went in the hospitol. After that I was just typical Sheila ... when I'm working on a big project & it gets near the end I tend to let the little details overwhelm & sidetrack me :o( .
I finally decided Enough! Just do It!
I feel bad that I let it ride as long as I did ...
last night when Devan came to tell me good night I was working on it & told him that it was almost done. He got sooo excited & asked how much longer. When I told him about 15 minutes he sat down excitedly to wait :o) . When I finished he was like a little kid & he kept saying ...
"thank you, thank you, thank you , thank you". :o) Sooo appreciative!
But I have to tell you as sweet as it was ... it made me feel REAL Guilty ... Guilty that I hadn't made it a Bigger priority to get it finished. He was very sweet & told me that I had been working on it & very busy but the truth is that I haven't worked on it for quite a while. Sooo now it's time to start the second one, YES a second one (he has 2 twins) & I'm going to have to make it a Real Priority to get it done Much Quicker!

Here's a pic. Not a fancy quilt at all, very guylike. We collected old jeans, some ours-some not. Each denim square is backed with a square of red flanned (I used a set of flannel sheets). The seams are sewn to the front, I can't wait for them to start unravelling (that's what they're supposed to do). Then it's all fluffy looking around each square (just might have to take it to a laundry mat this weekend to help it along :o) ).
He definately Won't be cold at All in his bed!!! I can't begin to tell you how HEAVY this thing is & the fact that it is backed with flannel ... Sooo Warm!
Hmmm ... not sure about summer ... maybe if we flip it (flannel side up) in the summer it will be cooler... anyway we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now he's a Happy Kid that I finished one of his quilts & I'm a Happy Mom that I have ONE done & out of the Way!
Have a Good One! :o)

Monday, February 16, 2009

couldn't help myself ...

Just wanted to share a quick Laugh, hoping to get lots done today. My SIL sent me this video this weekend. It called "Where Crescent Rolls Come From". Warning ... it's a Little Gross along with a Lot of Very Funny! Enjoy! :o)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

time for a little PSA ...

While I am happy with the result in the end I was NOT happy with the way that I was treated & all the Crap that I had to go through to get to the end result. :o(
As a result I thought I would take a few and share a little Public Service Announcement with you so that you may avoid such unhappiness in the future.
As you may remember I took the plunge on New Years Eve & purchased a new laptop! (for those of you that know me you Know this is Not something that I do lightly, I do NOT replace things that are perfectly Good for NO reason!)
My laptop had in fact been a pillow top for the last year because you had to prop it open with a pillow because the hinges were broken (which meant it was NOT portable, but ok it was still usable) & then while going back & forth to the hospitol when mom was in ICU it literally melted! Time to bite the bullet & replace it, not the best timing in the world but still pretty exciting since this would be my First time to have a computer ALL MY OWN! :o) A Very Big Deal For Me!!!
New Years Eve mom is released from the hospitol so we headed to Jackson to "shop" for a laptop! Yeah! Trust me when I say shop I mean shop! We went to Every possible store in that town! Looked at Every option & weighed the decission Very Carefully ( I do not just buy on a whim) So after much consideration & going back to a few places the second time I settled on my beautiful Gateway (sometimes know as Esmerelda, lol ;-) ). She was perfect for me! She had a nice large screen (better for editing pics), a built in webcam (so if I want to chat with my big bro), 3 G memory (able to run PS or any other program), & a fair size hard drive (able to hold my pics for quite a while till I'm ready to burn & remove). I was one Happy Happy Girl! Of course I handled her like a baby (even bought a special lens cloth for wiping the finger prints off). Almost 30 days after the purchase she started crashing while trying to edit pics & Jim said that the memory was bad that we would need to contact BB & have them to replace the memory.
So the following Monday he called & they said to bring it by & they would take care of it, then the ice storm hit & we didn't go Anywhere for several days. The following weekend (Super Bowl Sunday) we made the treck back to Jackson to drop her off. Left her with a nice young man who found out very quickly that I was pretty particular about the computer (it embarrasses Jim when I call her "she or her" lol). We were told that they would have to run a diagnostics on her that we would have to leave it over night. :o( (I was not a happy girl) I waited anxiously Monday for the call to come & pick it up. Shortly after Dev got home from school the call came & we headed out to pick it up.
The minute the young man laid her down (not the same young man a different one) I saw tons of finger prints (no big deal) & SCATCHES!!! I took a deep breath & told myself "probably the kind that buff off, it'll be ok. Then I reached down & touched it to see & I COULD FEEL THE SCRATCH- IT WAS THAT DEEP!!! I was sooo upset I almost cried.
I won't bore you with the rest of the story but what I want you to know is that I was told that they wouldn't do anything about it because there was NO PROOF that they did it, there was NO documentation. To which I said "are you kidding me??? do you really think he was going to note Computer is in perfect condition, no scratches!!!" the woman I was dealing with at the time said "those are minor scratches & we wouldn't have Noted minor scratches".
FYI - in my humble opinion it stops being a scratch when you can feel it & it becomes a Gouge!
The first thing they tried was to give me Gateways # (to see if I could get them to replace it!!!) & a small gift card ($15!!!) for my time! Anyway here are a couple of pics that I took of the scratch/gouge before I took it back to swap out, the quality isn't very good- I was in a hurry ...

I know it doesn't look like much here but it was really quite deep

Here's another shot, do you see that??? I wish you could feel it, then you would understand how upset I was. Long story short, I was put off, treated like an idiot & ignored till I called Corporate, then amazingly there was All kinds of Managers for me to talk to & after a day the decided that they would swap it out for me ( so now I'm reinstalling everything).
Now here's the PSA ... please know that when you drop something off to have it worked on Make Sure They Note The Condition of Your Item ESPECIALLY if It's in Perfect Condition!!!
Hoping that none of you Ever have to go through what I did but just incase a little bit of information about how to handle things, oh & yeah be sure you Note EVERYONE'S name to you come in contact with.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Found a Steal! :o)

Yep! Found me a Steal sooo Good yesterday that I just had to share with You!
After all you might want one too ; ) ...
We are Turkey fryin' people around here & we've had a fryer for a while but this year we got a look at my younger brother's fryer & we felt inadequate to say the least.
His is top of the line. What makes it top of the line???
Well to start it has a spout on the front to drain the oil back into the container! It also has a basket (not sooo much to me but Jim really liked that idea) & it has a lid with a hole in it so you can place you thermometer in the hole & still read the temp! It's really cool I tell Ya!
But if you know us you know that we're not the kind of people to just replace something that works just cause we like another one, but this is sooo Cool that I was determined that I would find Jim one.
Yesterday I went to Kroger after I got out of school & I was in the meat dept to see what was on sale this week & looked down & there were 2 fryers & when I looked at them They Had the Spout on Front!!! I was pretty excited so I asked the guy putting out the meat if he knew how much they were (they weren't marked) & he asked the woman back there to get the gun & shoot it ( I knew that Jason said he paid about $50 for his a Bass Pro). When she did it came up ...
$22.50!!! According to Kroger that was 75% off!!! It was originally $89.99 there!!! Wahoo!!!
Love me a Steal of a Deal!!! Can you say early Father's Day?!? :o)

here's a close up of the box so you can see the spout, do you know how much easier that will make things?

and here's a pic of the box, just incase you were interested in getting one for yourself ; )
Remember they were in the meat dept & make sure that your store has clearenced them Before you go to the register!
Happy Fryin' Ya'll :o)